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I’m Rahul, A student of KIIT. I love Cloud Computing, AI and Ethical Hacking.

I am a Cloud Engineer, Programmer, Penetration tester and Blogger. My interests include video editing, building circuits, listening to music, penetration testing and reading books. I like talking to people and getting to know others, and absolutely love collaborating with like-minded people. If you feel my skills and interests are a match, do feel free to [reach out to me](mailto:biswasrahul016@gmail.com). I have done quite a few interesting things (including but not limited to) fixing one major Google Drive file sharing vulnerability.

My research interests include Botnets, Network, System and Software Vulnerabilities. I am also capable of deploying a high-availability, PCI DSS compliant web apps on the cloud due to my background in Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, and Linux CLI.